About us

The European Jimmy’s Ride is a charity organization for and by Jack Daniel’s enthusiasts and collectors.

With the Jimmy’s Ride, we also honor Jimmy Bedford, Jack Daniel’s 6th Master Distiller who dedicated himself to supporting and organizing charities during life.

Jimmy Bedford 1940 – 2009 Jack Daniel’s 6th Master Distiller

After his death, his daughter Alice started the Jimmy Ride in Lynchburg Tennessee to continue her father’s work. And this was the example for us to start something similar in Europe and we got the permission and support from the Bedford family to use the Jimmy’s Ride name here too. The Jimmy’s Ride is no longer being held in America. But an edition has recently been launched in Australia.

The funds raised through the Ride and various other activities that we organize are donated to Air4Tieme, among others. What is our main charity that we support outside of a number of smaller ones. Here it is used to do research to Cystic Fibrosis, and hopefully find a sufficient medicine for the now 11 year old Tieme in our town Dongen. Who suffers from this currently incurable disease.