Donation’s made by us


I visited Tieme and his family today to handover our 7th European Jimmy’s Ride donation for Air4Tieme.

Tieme was doing really well and say thanks to all of you.Also a big thank you from his Mom and Dad.


Today we visited the Overloon War Cemetery to lay flowers and poppies at the grave of Private Kenneth Jeffrey of the Lincolnshire Regiment 2nd Bn, this is the grave we adopted with the European Jimmy’s Ride, also we handover our donation to the people of Overloon War Chronicles.


Today we were able to make our first donation to the Contacthond Foundation, the second charity we support with the European Jimmy’s Ride.


I visited Tieme and his family today to handover our 2021 European Jimmy’s Ride donation. They were very happy and grateful with the result. We would like to thank everyone who supported the 2021 6th European Jimmy’s Ride in any way and made it such a success again.


Today we went to the Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam. This is the hospital where Tieme goes for his examinations and treatments for his Cystic Fibrosis.

There, on behalf of the European Jimmy’s Ride, we handed over our toy donation for the CF department’s special examination room.

Special thanks are due for the help of Dean Wells and the company where he works Tesco Toys ltd of Great Britain. Thanks to their very generous donation, we were able to make an extra large donation.

The closet was even too small for all the toys.


Arco Hermans, firefighter and fellow Jack collector will walk 100 km on his own next Tuesday 21 September to raise money to financially support the fight against cancer.

He wants to complete his goal for Fight Cancer, Love Life To reach his target of 750 euros.

The European Jimmy Ride Foundation has donated the missing amount of 110 euros to Fight Cancer, Love Life, so that his ultimate goal has been achieved.

Arco good luck and respect my friend for walking this distance on your own.


I went to Tieme this afternoon to hand over the 2020 donation. Even though Corona has also played tricks on us and there has been no Jimmy Ride as a result, we were still able to hand over a nice amount. The proceeds from both of our online auctions, thanks to the generous bidders.Tieme is doing very well at the moment.


Toys donation for Sofia Children Hospital

We where finally able to hand over the Toys we had purchased as a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis department at the Sofia Child Hospital In Rotterdam.
The Hospital where Tieme always go to for his treatment and research.
It was a nice way to do it, just the day before our Cancelled 2020 6th European Jimmy’s Ride.



The European Jimmy’s Ride donated one of our own Private Stock Single Barrel for Nashville Strong, to support the victim’s of the tornadoes that hit Nashville and the surrounded area.
It was auctioned last night at the Jack Cave and raised 261$


Hospitality House from Kevin Sanders

After the Hospitality House from Kevin Sanders aka The Barrel Man in Lynchburg was burned down. We held a special auction to support the build of the new Hospitality House. And we donated one off our Private Stock Ride Single Barrel with more Ride items such as the Ride T shirt, shot pin and wooden coaster. It has raised 325$. Kevin is not only a sponsor off our Ride but also a generous person and a good friend of the Ride. It feels good to turn the tables this time and support him.





We donated a small box with toys to the Bikers4all organization, they organized on Dec 19 a Kerst4Kids day, on that day they will hand out toys to children that need to stay in the Slingeland Hospital in Doetichem during Christmas to give them also a great Christmas.