Info and update’s Ride 2021


When these Barrel heads arrive from Lynchburg, thanks again to Kevin Sanders, aka “The Barrel man” you know it’s almost Ride Day. This time it is extra special for us as it is on the official Ride Day in Lynchburg, the 2nd Saturday in October, and 7 years ago that the 7th Jimmy’s Ride was ridden there and we were there.


Only 7 days left until the 6th European Jimmy’s Ride. After canceling the Ride in 2020 and moving the Ride to a later date this year, we can finally have a Ride again. Due to all the Corona measures, we will still have to miss many friends of the Ride this year, let’s hope we can greet everyone again next year


Neile told me last week that he like to play again for us at our 6th Ride.So there will be a nice mix of Country, Blues and Americana music for that Tennessee feeling during the BBQ and more from Banty Holler and with a little luck his Dobro player will join him to..


We have a new date for the 6th European Jimmy Ride

Because of the covid-19 crisis there is no certainty that we will be able to guarantee the European Jimmy’s Ride on June 12th.

This in connection with the applicable rules that are now in place, and there is still no prospect of improvement of all restrictions for us, but also for the Restaurant where we are a guest.

That’s why we’ve decided to move the 6th European Jimmy’s Ride from June 12th to October 9th.



Never expected to have to do this but………

Given the current developments with rules and stricter restrictions regarding the Corona virus, we are forced to


The 6th European Jimmy’s Ride on June 13.

A difficult and tough decision, but we cannot avoid making the decision now and not at a later time for various organizing reasons.

We hope that those who came from outside the Netherlands and who had already made travel plans and arrangements.
They can cancel them in time now to.

Also the 3 Jack Daniels tastings with Kevin Sanders the Barrel Man will be canceled as it is not possible for him to travel and visit us until July 31 because of the travel rules in the USA.

This also applies to Alice of course and possibly other guests who had plans to visit us from the USA.

We need to see now how to proceed further, but there will be a online auction on our European Jimmy’s Ride Specials page, probably on the evening of the Ride, but later more about that.

For now we are very sorry to disappoint you all. and we hope you all can understand this difficult decision we had to make.

Ton, Ineke and Alice


We are very happy that our VIP from last year Mr Kevin Sanders aka The Barrel Man once again will be our special guest during the 6th European Jimmy Ride.

Just like last year we will organize a tasting together with Kevin.

However, after the success of last year, 3 tastings will be organized this year. This will be in the days following the Ride. The exact dates, location and times of these tastings will be announced shortly.


The Jimmy’s Ride, is not an open FB event to name it just like that, but you have to pre-register before you want to participate in the Ride, BBQ / Buffet or one of them, also if you only come in the evening after the BBQ for the auction and raffle. This to be able to organize everything well and to preserve the Jack atmosphere. If you want to participate, sign up and you will be sent a registration form in mid-March. If you want to know more or sign up. please send us an email for the necessary information


The Jimmy’s Ride will be held this year in Bavel near Breda in The Netherlands on Saturday 13 June 2020

The location is Korenmolen “De Hoop”

The route runs partly through Belgium, so make sure you have a passport or something similar with you.